Welcome to MOLLYWOOD

“Making the world a better, more beautiful place, one person, one project at a time.”

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Hi. My name is Molly

MOLYWOOD is a moniker given to me by friends who know about my passion for all things creative.  I love creativity.  I use to it to solve problems, find answers, have fun, write stories, re-write stories, add color, get ideas, take down walls, construct comfort, and get connected. 

Over 20 years ago I started MOLLYWOOD with the mission of helping people live in beautiful spaces–literally as a designer and figuratively as a life coach. Today my focus is on educating, inspiring, and encouraging people to create health in all 4 bodies.

MOLLYWOOD is a creative design firm

specializing in life coaching, story building, and all things design.

New BLOG!  ShiftZingBOOMwee

Also new! TheRecipie.com


From MOLLYWOOD to MOLLYDID.  ShiftZingBoomWee is onomonpia for the best game in town.  Here is my mind unleashed:  fiction, non-fiction, poetry and whatever else runs around in there.  


Recipes 4 Every Body
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual


How Can I Help?

Individuals | Relationships | Famlies

Small Groups | Workshops | Intensives



Architectural | Interior | Color



Canvas |Acrylics | Watercolors 



Molly LaChapelle

206. 963. 7566


Mission: 2020 and Beyond

1) Publish!

2) Continue my work in happiness, health, and wholeness.

3) Continue to create beautiful spaces, physically and figuratively. 


Celebrating 22 years!

I am so grateful for every one of my clients, for your humor, your honesty and your humanity.