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Celebrating 20 Years

Making the world a brighter, more beautiful place one person, one project at a time

Hi, My name is Molly,

MOLLYWOOD is a creative hub offering design solutions, life coaching, writing, and art .

THEN 22 years ago I left Corporate America and started MOLLYWOOD with a $25 dollar business license and a graduate degree in Anthropological Linguistics.  A winning formula??

I wanted a job that allowed me to pursue multiple creative interests and divergent skillsets simultaneously. And one that offered the flexibility to be equally passionate about raising my kids. With no background in design, art, coaching, or mentoring I threw myself into jobs that would require me to learn quickly. At any given time, I might be working a color design, a web design and a logo while clocking 15+ hours a week talking to people about their deepest needs and challenges in health, wealth, healing, and happiness.

WHEN By 2009 I narrowed in on custom residential design and trauma and crisis coaching as my main areas of focus. I expanded into architectural design and designed my first home from the ground up. I  loved it! In coaching, working with ‘difficult’ cases came naturally to me and I became known for my efficacy with highly traumatized reactions: PTSD, self and other abuse, identity and control disorders, and addictions. I am told repeatedly that my approach is radically different.

NOW In 2019 I took a sabbatical to pursue my first love: writing. Much to my surprise, as a life-long fiction and poetry writer, I produced My God, a 400-page narrative non-fiction. The writing of this book reflects my approach to all things: be still, connect, listen then go!  This process would become known to me as ShiftZingBoomWee, and consequently became the title of my blog.  My goal is to become published and expand my ability to to help people create a brighter, more beautiful existence for themselves and others.

THANK YOU to my amazing clients over the years.  As a word of mouth business I have been blessed to work with some of the most talented, funny, and kind people imaginable!


Check out my books, blog posts, poetry and more, including online courses, coming soon. Here you will find samples of my writing and a FAQ page for publishers and readers.

Interior Design

Interior design is a specialty of mine and incorporates all aspects of a person and their environment. My life’s work has focused on both coaching and architectural designs.


In this section you will find my paintings, sketches and photography. Art for work and art for fun. Photographs of places I have been and things I have experienced.

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