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Hi. I’m Molly. Welcome to MOLLYWOOD

How Can I Help?

Over 20 years ago I started MOLLYWOOD with the mission of helping people live in beautiful spaces–literally as a designer and figuratively as a life coach.

MOLLYWOOD is about helping people. An equal passion for learning and helping people makes MOLLYWOOD a breeding ground for creative projects. With a background in anthropology, linguistics and all things creative, I discovered a knack for solving problems and pushing the boundaries of my own thinking in order to discover something new.

Before we jump in…


The PURPOSE of this site is to begin sharing and publishing the many WRITING projects I have been working on in the background while designing and coaching. I write every morning for hours and have for as long as I can remember.  There is a lot of material and I could use a little help! 

The goal of this site is to find an agent and publisher to help me navigate the amount and breadth of material that I have created over the past 30 years. GOTO WRITING.

Secondarily, you can learn about my approach to COACHING, view a portfolio of my DESIGN work, visit my ART studio, and journey with me on my BLOG.

Thank you to all my clients and dear friends for the time we spend together. I truly believe in The Epic Adventure of Life on Planet Earth.  Where we learn that Spiritual Matters.  Or that sometimes we need help knowing How to Freak Out GracefullyMY God, if I knew then what I know now.




…for the linear lovers!










“Its about time!” Writing is my first love. Historically it’s been a tool to gain access and clarity of my own mind. It’s time to share the many things I’ve pondered, learned, and explored as a multi-dimensional seeker. Current writing projects can be found on my blog  ShiftZingBoomWee, and on the WRITING page.


My coaching practice evolved out of my own search for happiness.  Years ago, I started seeking, and took the position of researcher.  I wanted to know why, with all that we study and know about mental and emotional health, isn’t it working?  Learn more.


It started with color design; this morphed into interior design, graphic design, landscape design, web design, archetectual design, photography, and creative direction.  My focus now is custom residential architectural & interior design. Let’s get creative!

Learn More. 


For me, art is about letting go, being totally present and feeling inspired. When I am painting I lose track of time.  Trying to paint ‘well’ or envisioning an outcome doesn’t enter the equation.  Learn more.


…for the adventure seekers


we don’t

need no

stinking directions



I hope you enjoy exploring MOLLYWOOD.  I look forward to working with you!


Check out my new blog!  Here you’ll find my most favorite topics (and obsessions) tossed together in one big dish!

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Mission: 2020 and Beyond

1) Publish!

2) Continue my work on happiness, health, and wholeness and use this data in service to others.

3) Continue to create beautiful spaces, physically and figuratively. 

Thank you to my many incredible clients for sharing your life, your knowledge, and your hearts with me. I am grateful for each of you.