Reimagine Your Life Here on Planet Earth!

Have you ever wondered if there was more to life that what you see right now?
Each chapter will invite your imagination to explore a reality that was previously unavailable outside of your dreams. A place where you will get to discover the beauty of daily life that most people miss out on. Connect to the magic of God, the Universe and the Unique Beauty that is an integral part of all of us.

The Caldron Book Series

You create the dream – then you bring it into your world. It looks so good, I might as well not stop. Automatically, all of these beautiful, beautiful things will happen.

Non-Fiction Book Series

The only prerequisite is that it makes you happy. If it makes you happy then it’s good. Do an almighty painting with us. Put your feelings into it, your heart, it’s your world.

Meet Molly

Molly LaChapelle

I think there’s an artist hidden in the bottom of every single one of us. Van Dyke Brown is a very nice brown, it’s almost like a chocolate brown. If there’s two big trees invariably sooner or later there’s gonna be a little tree. The little tiny Tim easels will let you down. It looks so good, I might as well not stop.

See there how easy that is. Everyone needs a friend. Friends are the most valuable things in the world. Just let these leaves jump off the brush

Now, we’re going to fluff this cloud.

Just make a decision and let it go. This is probably the greatest thing that’s ever happened in my life. Of course he’s a happy little stone, cause we don’t have any other kind.


 You have to make almighty decisions when you're the creator. Maybe we got a few little happy bushes here, just covered with snow. It's a good way of getting rid of all your anxieties and hostilities. 

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