Here’s my takeaway:  don’t waste life.  Not one day.  You’re here on planet earth having an epic adventure.  Did we forget? 

What is life?  An adventure?  A school?  Dust in the wind?  Hard to say.  This whole life-thing is quite a mystery.  But one day it will all be gone. Your life. Poof. Like that.  You will become a faded yellowing photograph at the bottom of a box in someone’s garage until even that is gone.

So the question is why.  Why?  Why?

Well, we don’t know why.  Even if you are among the few humans who feel they understand the ‘why’ of their own lives and are doing something about it, you still can’t confirm with any certainty why Earth?  And why me? or why now?

The question of why, if anything, is compelling.  Why get up off the couch?  Why drive to the store?  Why have friends? Or play games or learn something new?

Its not really why we’re looking for, but how. ‘Why’ is a crapshoot and Einstein knew it. It’s the question of How for which he offers advice:  live your life this way, or that way.  I call this Camera A / Camera B.

Why is a rabbit hole.  Sometimes a very fun rabbit hole.  Just ask anyone who’s gone digging.  I was the 3-year-old to which the answer to every statement was ‘why?’ There is no end to ‘why.’ So why does a genius simplify it:  this or that when we all know there are endless way to look at an equation.  Why can’t one use both lenses at the same time?  What’s wrong with that?

But Camera A / Camera B doesn’t apply to any equation.  It refers to the big equation of life and how one goes about it.  We all know there are 2 men standing in a field, shoulder to shoulder.  One says “the place is dreadful. Too dry. Too far. Not big enough.”  The other says “beautiful light! Easy to get a road into!  People love dry heat.” 

Which man is right?

Einstein is saying ‘chose to believe in miracles because when you do, they happen.’ Mr. Cause-and-Effect is making a statement about Cause and Effect.  When you chose to believe in miracles, you experience them.  When you chose NOT to believe in miracles, you guarantee not experiencing them. This is mastermind thinking at its most basic level.  Does one trick themselves into believing in miracles and thus they happen?  Does that question even make sense?  If I trick myself into something that actually works, I’ll take the trick.  To become the best basketball player that ever lived, the trick is you have to practice.  You have to believe.  You have to have something inside you that says its possible.  And you have to focus on that.

Dust in the wind from an explosion in nothing doesn’t pan out that well. Not for you, not for me, not for the universe.  If nothing else, it’s a boring and bleak way to live.  A woman in her 80s lives in daily depression and torment, feeling that her life was all for nothing, and now it’s over.  She has worked very hard to not believe in God.  He has been with her, He saved her, He has surrounded her with Himself, and she has chosen instead to believe that life means nothing and goes nowhere.  And now she is there.

My life has been many things and boring isn’t one of them.  I suppose I could focus on lots of negative things, but I don’t. I chose to be happy.  Bleak isn’t fun. And its exhaustingly hard work.  But I don’t live a bleak life, I live a blessed life and I am happy. This is a miraculous thing for someone like me to say. I live a miraculous life because I chose Camera B: to ignore or not focus on much of what the world tells me to, and instead go looking for miracles.  And if miracles, then divine.  If divine, then God.  And if God, then creation.  And if creation, then created.  Which explains in part the why. 

Because I said so is what God would say.

If I am living a delusional life whereby, I have successfully created an endless flow of peacefulness, contentment and inspiration, then so be it.  I am not the first one to make this argument.  It is the conclusion we come to.

I am convinced that there is a God and that He is with me.

I am convinced that I live inside His creation and that I am part of that creation. 

I am convinced that we all have a purpose.  God designed me and that I have a purpose.  Lots of reasons for that. The same is true for you.

I am convinced that everything is a miracle and that we have become dulled in our senses, seeking the safety of complacency and mistaking the miraculous for the mundane. 

I am convinced that Earth is a very special place and that there is a great deal in the unseen invisible universe that holds it all together. 

I am convinced that the battle between good and evil is alive and well on planet earth and beyond.

I am convinced that the 4th dimension, called time, is the thing that holds it all together, even if the 4th dimension is the 4th dimension because Einstein labeled it that way.  Whatever you call it, time is the ‘thing’ that holds it all together.

You are in time…

…as in literally, IN time…

…and to be IN time, you have to have a body…

…if you were outside of time, you would not have a body…


Your existence matters. 

And it’s your story that matters.  What you do with the light you are given. 

You are you are matter fused with light…

…given a body that is a vessel…

…a vessel that is equipped with everything you need to fulfill your purpose…

…the one God created for you, and you alone.

Camera A: if nothing is a miracle, none of this matters.

Camera B: If everything is a miracle, all of this matters.