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Keep. It. Simple.

Let’s Get Happy


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I do not take insurance but offer a sliding fee.  I try to not turn anyone away and will work with your budget if I am able.

Do I have the skills to help you?

Let’s find out.  To support you finding a great match, I offer a meet and greet at no charge.  I encourage you to ask tough questions.  You’re worth it.

What’s best for you?

Standard sessions are 1.5 hours.  Many people prefer 2.  Sometimes an hour is enough. 3-5 hours is an intensive. Ask me which option is best for you.

Online scheduling coming soon.  If we haven’t worked together before, call to schedule a meet and greet at no charge.


Lessons in Happiness

Years ago in my studio, God said grab that canvas, those 2 paint brushes and then He picked the colors.  I was told to have both brushes loaded with paint and moving at the same time without stopping until finished.  I couldn’t even imagine trying to do that, but I complied, much of the time with my eyes closed, and in 4 hours straight, this painting was created.


The painting is truly inspired.  I did not paint it and I have been unable to re-create it.  This is what coaching is all about.  There's no preparation and no script.  We show up, close our eyes if necessary, and wonderful things happen and are made.  The harder the problem, the more miraculous the solution.







The right question. At the right time

Years ago a CEO said to me “you’re greatest skill is you ask the right question at the right time.”  I had never thought about it like that, but I agree that the timing of a question is every bit as important as the question itself.


The Sherlock Holmes of Listening

We communicate in small and hidden ways.  HOW we speak, not WHAT we say. How we communicate–subtle body movements, wordchoice, or sentence structure–is every bit as revealing as what we say.  So often the very thing you are looking for is right in front of you.

The High Level Perspective

The high level perspective rises above circumstance, seeking the big picture. This is the forest through the trees, the great what’s happeing and why, guiding us to do things differently.

“My practice evolved out of my own need to experience consistent, effortless happiness.  The notion of feeling content, peaceful, and fulfilled seemed allusive. After years of therapy, I was no longer a wreck.  But I also wasn’t happy or fulfilled and I lacked direction.  Life was a constant effort.”

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Write a New Story

I’m passionate about helping you achieve and have so much compassion for what you are facing because I was miserable for years, and now I’m truly happy. From a place of happiness we become contributors, not just consumers. And the world needs you.














Ready to move on

Done with surviving

Curious if there is more

This close to letting go

Tired of everyday malaise

At the end of your rope

Confused & frustrated

Traumatized & scared

Needing a creative solution


At The Table PODCAST coming this spring!

Years of talking to people day in and day out has shown me that truly, what you believe is your reality.  At the Table is an examination of the power of belief interviewing people of every age with all kinds of different backgrounds & beliefs, to gain insight into the connection between belief, story, the mind, and reality.

If you are interested in being interviewed or would like to participate, please contact me directly.  206.963.7566



My experience with Molly is extraordinary leading to health, healing and personal development on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels. Molly’s understanding of my physical health was laser and accurate. The steps she taught me worked immediately. Molly’s gifts in coaching are profound as she identified quickly and easily emotional patterns and experiences that were creating health issues. She taught me techniques for meditation, internal discovery, and problem solving.  She helped me establish a daily health protocol and how to be the “Director” of my health with God. Molly tutored my abilities and launched me onto my own path of becoming a coach/counselor working with groups and individuals around the world to create health, joy and harmony.


We tried several methods of coaching before we found Molly La Chapelle, who was just right for us. Her wisdom, her own strength & experience as a human being combined with her aesthetic sense & her professionalism made Molly a perfect fit. She’s smart as a whip, intuitive and accessible. Molly was careful only to interject when she saw we were stuck or going backwards.  She saw through the labyrinth of emotions that were getting in the way of us achieving our natural closeness.


Molly provides orientation, a you-are-here map for the soul.  God seems to work through her to get folks who are stuck and confused out of the weeds, back up on the path and walking, where they can confidently grow.  She is warm, welcoming, and personable with extraordinary listening skills and laser sharp questions.  And a great sense of humor!


Molly has the uncanny ability to see the potential in everything, she sees the deep soul and buried abilities in someone.  She sees the good, and is truly confident and optimistic that I can do it.