the epic adventure of life on planet earth

Ahhh. The. First. Cup.

We demand that it be perfect. Delicious.  Just right.  But the perfect cup of coffee or tea isn’t he first thing we put in our bodies in the morning.  First in are thoughts.  Good morning world.  And those thoughts are full of WORDS.

Every morning I write.  5, 10, sometimes 20 pages.  That’s a lot of words.  After gorging myself for an hour, or two (or four!) I undoubtedly feel full.

Bitter, crappy coffee gives me the jitters, makes me feel sick and unable to think.  Crappy words have an even worse effect!  I had to deal with the fact that I was the one serving myself these words! 

I have been using words to alter my reality for as long as I can remember.  Making my case, arguing my point and winning the argument became the ability to fill my mind with only those words that taste great and feel good!

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Molly McDonald

  • Narrative Non-Fiction
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  • Science-Fiction YA to 80

“One minute you’re crying the next minute you’re laughing out loud.  Her writing is a roller-coaster ride; you cannot see around the next bend.  She makes you think without being challenging.  Her words are thoughtful, engaging, deeply relatable, and most of all fun!”

“I feel like you are sitting right here next to me! You’re voice comes through so clearly.  Reading your book feels like we are sitting and having a conversation.”

The Caldron 

6 book Sci-Fi Fiction Series

Quietly brewing in the background for 15 years, I’m playing with the idea of releasing this as a serialized novel.



Oh I DO hope you are reading this in the morning!  The morning is a much better start than the night or the day, don’t you think?  In the morning you are given a new beginning, and in a beginning you begin.  Perhaps I am just a morning person.  I have always loved the morning, even though I no longer sleep.

Now, when deGui suggested I write a story it never occurred to me that a single surface in a multilayered structure was the answer.  Here I am wondering how it’s possible when there it is, right before my very eyes!  I must remember to send deGui a bottle for that one, eh?  Just as a building is dependent on each story, your story is dependent on you and we are dependent on your story.  Bing-o bang-o and honey and how.

My name is M.  But enough about me, let’s talk about you.  You are the most fascinating design in the universe! So very interesting.  There you sit, there you stand, there you walk, clashing, clanging, bashing into everything, calmly, absently, ignorantly tuning out the world while you read this book.

Look up dear. You are here. . .


Who doesn’t love a good science experiment?  Add more baking soda and watch it explode!  So when God told me to read the bible for one year, and practice the lessons and formulas to the best of my ability, and if it didn’t work, I could put it back on the shelf with all my other self help books and resume my judgment that the bible is an archaic, irrelevant document and that people who read it are self-righteous, judgmental, and uneducated…I said, ‘sure, what have I got to lose?’  

With a set up like that, what can go wrong? 

My God

The first of 4 narrative non-fiction books written in the last 5 years, writing My God was a science experiment, with me inside the pietri dish!

The Epic Adventure of Life On Planet Earth

Narrative non-fiction (#2)


Time here on Earth is the culmination of an extraordinary albeit unusual turn of events that you can’t quite remember or recall but nonetheless, the door on the spaceship blows open and you are immediately expected to know how to use a garden hose. Or how to keep track of a bank account or your children.

Imagine driving down a long, alfalfa lined road in NoWhere USA and coming upon a white and weathered flat-land farm house that seems to spring up out of nowhere even though you can see for a thousand miles.  The cracking heat offers up the illusion of a building that is suddenly actually there…

The separation we feel from God is self inflicted; initiated by Satan and directed.  God is there, we just chose to believe otherwise. The writing of this book took me into dimensions in my mind that I can only describe as esoteric.  Long periods of time in contemplation and awareness that I do not exist, and what a delightful realization.  Yes, my body exists, time exists, that table exists, but the I of this body as a separate entity is not real.  The connection to God is very real and powerful.  The I of myself are God made and attuned to that which I chose.  The battle of good and evil.  I am a container for a portion of that, born through a mother and a father according to god’s plan.  

The Golden Journal

Narrative non-fiction #3

The Mouth of Babes

Narrative non-fiction (#4)

I am not alone in this.  A lot of other people are out there trying to act normal too.  And to feel better than they look.  Most people look good, look normal, look happy.

But, we aren’t.

As a spiritual life coach focused on trauma and crisis, I’m here to tell you I am not the only person putting on my game face and hoping that no one noticed that I’m lacking in basic credentials.

I am often asked “how can you possibly talk to people every day about so much pain and remain happy?’  Seriously? Crisis is the gateway to the soul.  I have had the great privilege of front row seats at this game called LIFE and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  Especially accounting.  But the side effect of talking to people day in and day out about their own trauma and pain afforded me the greatest gift any one being can receive.

It healed me

Words That Taste & Make You Feel

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