Molly McDonald LaChapelle

  • Narrative Non-Fiction
  • Literary Fiction
  • Science-Fiction YA+

“One minute you’re crying the next minute you’re laughing out loud.  Her writing is a roller-coaster ride; you cannot see what’s coming.  She makes you think without being confrontational.  She is engaging and very relatable.”

“I feel like you are sitting right here next to me! You’re voice comes through so clearly.  Reading your book feels like we are sitting in the garden, having a conversation.”

“She uses words in unexpected ways, saying so much in so little space.”

Currently I’m working on the following literary projects:  (links not active yet):

  • My God (Narrative non fiction.)
  • Spiritual Matters (Periodical, on-going)
  • Good Morning God (Daily Blog)
  • The Caldron Series (YA Sci-Fi, 6 books, planning to release as serialized fiction)
  • Times Five (Essays on Grace)
  • The Epic Adventure of Life on Planet Earth (narrative non fiction, satire, humor)
  • Couch:  Are You Sitting Down? (non fiction, life lessons from humans under fire)
  • How to Freak Out Gracefully (fiction & non fiction, humor self help)