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There.  Earplugs.  Jazz in both ears.  Not someone else munching on fruit and cereal. That sound makes an ax murderer out of me.  Heavenly father, thank you for today.  Today is the wide-open day I have been longing for, let’s hope it stays that way.  Please help me with a calm mind and open heart.  Let me not judge or lean on my own understanding. Prayers for Florida and my friend and her family and friends. Yikes.  Hard to imagine a storm like that.  Seems scary.

Speaking of scary, I was thinking about our Librarian, introduced yesterday in Boujie Floating Living Room.  She’s sneaky.  In fact, the lights are out, and she is walking around on tip toes.  Not really on tip toes, like a ballerina, but her back is arched ever so slightly as if she’s using it to lift her steps. This throws her neck forward and her eyes are darting back and forth.  She’s definitely up to no good.  Now I can see her outfit:  grey skirt just past her knees and matching blazer that’s too long making her look short.  And frumpy. But she’s not short, she’s 5’9” or 10” but she slouches.  Black low heals.  I’m a bit disappointed to see that her clothing choices are straight out of Librarians-Are-Us, but she does have the glasses with pink, yellow, red, and orange spots—polka dots I guess—hanging at her neck on a sliver chain.  That’s an odd choice, don’t cha think?

It’s her job to turn the lights out, so that part isn’t weird, and then lock the door and make her way down the short hallway to the exit, the one with the horrible florescent ceiling light that never goes out making the entrance a grotesque shade of yellow.  But she isn’t locking the door and walking away. She locked the door alright, but she stayed inside.  She’s walking very quietly past the children’s books, through literary fiction and now art history, toward the back of the library.  Oooo! Does she have a hidden bedroom back there!?  A laboratory!? Maybe she never leaves the library!

Oh wait.  There is a short door here, you hardly notice it, painted the same color as the wall, a wooden knob, looks like a closet between spirituality and architecture.  Oooo, she’s going for it!  She pulls the knob and oh man!  I knew there was a bedroom back here.  But wait, it’s not hers. The tiny room has a ceiling at an angle, as if under a staircase.  A small bed lays at the sloped end, tucked in and I guess she could fit in there but only in a tiny ball, which could account for the slouching, but no, my Spidey-senses say no way.  This isn’t her room.  There is nothing ‘her’ about it.  A small child?  An illegitimate child? No, weirdly, I feel no relationship between them, at least not blood relationship.  This room is occupied by someone who is—well—nicer than her.  Certainly smaller than her and definitely less boring.  Just totally different.  It’s a vibe thing, the two just don’t go together.  There’s a small lamp on a couple of stacked wooden boxes with an almost childlike shade on it, light blue-ish with cut out dots, or stars.

Something sneaky is going on here…

Oh wait!  Another door!  Ooooo, and she’s heading out!  Holy cow, it goes to the back alley.  Like duh, all doors go to the back alley.  I’m feeling a little freaked out about following her into this tiny space and then out into the alley where I’ll be totally exposed. Too soon for that.  Wait!  She just disappeared. No seriously, as soon as all of her was out the door, poof!  She’s just gone!  And somehow, this back alley looks weird, as in, fake or curated, like a Hollywood movie set, or my town, Winthrop.

Now Commander Salamander is picking her up!

Wait, how do I know that?

All this is in your mind dummy… oh yea

The Librarian is waiting at that floating cosmic bus stop.  The one where my mom picked me up a couple of months ago or rather Salamander picked me up disguised as my mom.   Sneaky, sneaky…I knew our Librarian was up to something!  Is she even a Librarian?

So this little room could belong to anyone, like from this world, or not.  I’m going with ‘not’.  But I shouldn’t assume that.  Assumptions make an ass out of you and…

What the?  The Librarian is back in the library walking toward the front door!  But her posture is better.  She’s smiling…!?  Folks, I think our Librarian has a little switcharoo going on.  Even though she looks the same and is dressed the same, there is no way this is the same person.  Being?  Alien?  Her hand is on the front doorknob and OH! Did you see that?  For a split second her hand disappeared when she touched the knob.

You didn’t see that? I know I saw it, just a split second.  You had to really be paying attention.  Maybe you’re standing at the wrong angle?  We need to keep our eyes on this one…or ones.  Wait, two ones make 2.  Anyway, no wonder our Librarian didn’t want her name on her name tag.  Maybe her real name is dhg5-6Xlbib. She might not be as socially crippled as I thought!  See how easy it is to make assumptions about people?  I should know better.

So where is this one going?  And where is Commander Salamander taking the other one?  How the heck am I supposed to keep track of all this?

…to be continued…