I believe 100% that you cannot elevate your life and transform your body-mind-soul without God.  I also believe that without Christ, you do not have the power of all available to you and you will repeatedly face battles in life you cannot conquer yourself. As someone who used to be a new age thinker (aka open to everything but Christ) who now follows Christ exclusively, I have a perspective about the concept of manifestation and / or transformation that is unique. 

I used to offer or operate under the label ‘transformational design.’ It was my intention to help people transform their lives.  I read and practiced everything new age and I was labeled ‘psychic’ or (my preference at the time) “intuitive.”  Intuition was my strong suit, and still is, but now I know it to be guidance from the holy spirit.  It was largely the reason people came to see me.  It differentiated me from other coaches.  Since I was a little girl I heard a voice guiding me.  I never questioned it and I followed the instructions to the best of my ability.  I didn’t know what it was exactly (back then) but I called it God. And then I spent my 20s and 30s looking for the voice.  Seeking the source. While doing this, I worked as an intuitive life coach and offered spiritual guidance.  I was repeatedly told that the guidance given was accurate and immensely helpful. 

We’re now in the grey area.  Very grey.  Where everyone is irritated.  Hearing God, hearing spirit, understanding the practices, or the formulas, or mechanics of hearing spirit is a hot topic.  One that no one seems to agree on, even people within the same ‘church’ or religion or sweat.

While I do believe that total freedom, transformation, joy, peace, happiness, etc (the stuff we all want and are looking for) requires Christ, which means that Christ is the way, is the road, is the map…. I also believe that we have free will, we have capacity and ability.  There are many things that you must do—decisions, actions, intentions, attitudes—that God will not do for you.  Few of us get zapped and then we are completely transformed.  As a human being, there is so much that you can and must do, if you want to live a successful, happy life, however you define that. 

For example, you cannot be a negative gunk junkie and expect to feel well (or have friends).  You cannot pontificate on all that is wrong and bad with the world and everyone in it and expect to feel well.  You cannot consume a lot of crap—from Doritos to hateful thoughts—and expect to feel well. 

Conversely, many of us are doing everything ‘perfectly’ and still don’t feel well.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have worked with people trying to achieve mental and emotional health by eating perfectly.  A healthy diet and a healthy body is a good thing.  But obsessing, exclusively, about every little thing you put in your mouth because you are avoiding looking at the stuff you put in the other 3 bodies, is not a good thing.  That’s being controlling and fear based and obsessive, and that never leads to health. Or happiness. It leads to worry and obsessive-compulsive behaviors. 

What I have discovered, is that it is a balance between you and God that requires Christ. 

When I was ‘New Age’ I never considered Christ or knew anything about Jesus.  I was a free thinker who wanted and needed control over my life.  I was in charge of what I thought and what I believed.  This level of freedom was important to me. But my philosophy wasn’t giving me freedom, or happiness. It gave me a roller coaster ride of terrifying ups and downs.  Having to be in control of everything (in your thought life plus everything else) is exhausting.  When I was up, I felt good about myself and my world.  When I was down, I felt the opposite.

There is a phrase “Freedom in Christ.” I know it to be true.  But it is a concept that is equally misunderstood by believers and non-believers.  Obviously a non believer will not understand this concept and it will sound trite or stupid.  But many believers (in Christ) say they understand the concept but aren’t experiencing much success, not to mention freedom.

I have listened to many people who have taken Christ into their heart but they are still trying to do Christ’s job themselves (which He has already done).  Freedom in Christ means:  Christ does (did) all the work for you.  You are totally ‘free’ when you let Christ heal you.  Free of your worries, your addictions, your self hate, your need to control, your fear, blah blah blah. 

This is a difficult concept for many of us who need healing.  We don’t ever want to submit to anyone, ever again.  We’re tough people who believe in our own resilience and resource. 

The topic of this writing is ‘transformation.’  Transformation denotes a level of healing that is very deep.  Way beyond band-aid. Those of us who need to radically change in one or three areas like the idea of being transformed.  We don’t want to think about our shit anymore.  We’ve already failed.  We don’t want to feel the way we feel and we want to be fine, thanks.  And we know that real change, aka transformation, is available to us, because that’s how the story goes…on both ‘sides’ of the fence.

In sum, my observation is: 

  • There is a great deal that you can and must do to create the atmosphere for total transformation and healing.
  • Having done that, you ‘follow Christ’ which means allowing the spiritual dimensions’ greatest power to enter your heart and allowing Him to take over.

To the first bullet I would say that the concept of ‘vessel atmosphere’ is an arena where non-believers tend to succeed, and believers tend to fail.  I have personally practiced both, and I have talked to many; so this is simply my observation and firsthand experience.  Many believers neglect their own vessel and it’s atmosphere, such as one’s thought life. Not having grown up in the church, I wonder if believers are thinking that Jesus is just going to zap them or something. This of course doesn’t happen, and many believers conclude that God hates them.  Conversely, this is the arena, from my experience, where non-believers tend to do quite well.  They recognize the power in controlling their thought life (for example)  but because they don’t have access to the power in Christ, they experience what I describe above:  ongoing frustration, ups and downs and a total lack of ultimate success.

To the second bullet I would say that the bible, for all of its human flaws, and there are many, is a dynamic, multifaceted or dimensional story about God—His character, His spirit, His universe, and His son.  People often complain that there are 44 books and they contradict one another and don’t add up…how can that be believed.  I say that man (includes woman) limps along with the capacities he has including a tendency toward stupidity and destruction, and thus it took God 44 books and 40 authors over 1500 years (scholars say) to get us to get His story right.  Or at least close. Enough.  For now.

And in it is a man named Jesus, who becomes Christ, and did (does) what He says He did. This is the arena where believers and non-believers fail.  Oddly enough.  If you don’t believe in Jesus, he’s not in your heart and you see no reason to put Him there.  If you do believe in Jesus but don’t believe or allow His truth, and His power and His ability, and don’t listen to his gift, the holy spirit, you remain stuck, or not transformed

“My peace I leave with you..” is Jesus’ promise in scripture.  I have found this to be completely true.  My personal experience is that Jesus does what he claims to do.  That’s all I can go by.

What do you think about transormation?  Is it possible?  Can people cahnge?  How much can you change on your own willpower?  Does God exist?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!