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Who can tell the difference?

The design world mesmerized me for years. I tried all things design and most loved those that are heavily dependent on human interaction.  What is design?  What makes a design successful?

The selection of shape and texture and color to guide one’s eye to just the right spot in effort to provide the desired feeling is synonymous with the process used by the Storyteller.  She too manipulates the eye.

You’re here because you’re hoping to read something worthwhile.

I’m here because I’m hoping to deliver.


I chose the title “…written…” because I have been writing, daily, since I was a little girl. So much has been written.  Writing is my way of making sense of the world.  It’s my dance when no one is watching.  Writing without an audience taught me how to write when there is one:  do nothing differently


… After All These Years…

Go Mollywood

Still a love affair.

People often ask, ‘how do you listen to trauma and human difficulty all day and remain unaffected?’

Unaffected? It affects me greatly!  It speaks to my soul, I learn things. And helping people experience peace and happiness is the best job in town.


Hi.  My name is Molly. I am a writer, designer, artist, and life coach. ‘Wood’ is not my last name.  MOLLYWOOD is a moniker given to me by friends because of my passion for all-things-creative.  As the owner of MOLLYWOOD I’ve worn many hats:  color design, graphic design, identity design, photography, landscape-interior-and architectural design, painter, teacher & life coach.  BUT WHAT I REALLY WANT TO BE is a full time writer, adventuring across the globe…

Go Mollywood


Molly LaChapelle

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1) Publish!

2) Continue my work in happiness, health, and wholeness.

3) Continue to create beautiful spaces, physically and figuratively. 


Celebrating 22 years!

I am so grateful for every one of my clients, for your humor, your honesty and your humanity.