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Molly’s distinction as a coach comes from her deep connection to God.  She is a great listener, laser sharp, compassionate and funny!  She will help you think differently about your life and offer creative solutions that that work.


Hi, I’m Molly.  I’m passionate about happiness, Mine & Yours

It’s a response-ability that makes the world a better place



Individuals & Couples

Relationships & Families

Small Groups



I came to Molly after making no progress for years in therapy, Molly gave me the actual words and language that I needed to re-write my thinking and interract with myself in a completely different way.  This work is transformative.


Happy people can do two things at any given moment:

Tell you how they feel

Tell you what they need

Can you readily access the answer to these two simple questions?

If not, can you honestly say you are happy?

We tried several methods of coaching before we found Molly LaChapelle. Her wisdom, her own strength & experience as a human being combined with her aesthetic sense & her professionalism made Molly a perfect fit.  She saw through the labyrinth of emotions that were getting in the way of us achieving our natural closeness.


Your story, the one you tell yourself daily, consciously and unconsciously, is immeasurably important. It is the foundation for your results and circumstances.  How you write or re-write that story makes all the difference.  This is the principle behind all ‘mastermind’ thinking.  You must ‘master your mind’ to live in harmony and joy.

Do I have the skills to help you?

To support you in understanding if I can help you, I offer a meet and greet at no charge.  I encourage you to ask tough questions.  You’re worth it.


I do not take insurance but offer a sliding fee.  I try to not turn anyone away and will work with your budget if I am able.

What’s best for you?

Standard sessions are 1.5 hours.  Many people prefer 2.  Sometimes an hour is enough. 3-5 hours is an intensive. Ask me which option is best for you.

Online scheduling coming soon.

My experience with Molly is extraordinary leading to health, healing and personal development on spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels.  Molly’s understanding of my physical health was laser and accurate.  The steps she taught me worked immediately.  Molly’s gifts in coaching are profound as she identified quickly and easily emotional patterns and experiences that were creating health issues. She taught me how to be the “Director” of my health with God.  She tutored my abilities and launched me onto my own path of becoming a coach/counselor.



The right question. At the right time

Years ago a CEO said to me “you’re greatest skill is you ask the right question at the right time.”  I had never thought about it like that, but I agree that the timing of a question is every bit as important as the question itself.


The Sherlock Holmes of Listening

We communicate in small and hidden ways. Subtle body movements, wordchoice, and sentence structure are every bit as revealing as what you say.  So often the very thing you are looking for is right in front of you.

The High Level Perspective

The high level perspective rises above circumstance, seeking the big picture. This is the forest through the trees, the great what’s happeing and why, guiding us to do things differently.

I’m always a bit nervous before a Molly appointment, it’s like she can see right thru me.  But she is gentle, kind and non judgemental.  She does see you, but she will build you up.  She asks ‘what do you need’ at the start, and she delivers!









It is my intention to:

  • help you write & re-write your story based on who you are and what you need.
  • get you on your feet and feeling great as quickly as possible.
  • provide integrity, compassion, confidentiality and creativity.
  • thoroughly understand the PROBLEM while focusing on the SOLUTION.
  • be curious, open-minded and free of my own agenda.

Molly provides orientation, a you-are-her map for the soul.  God seems to work through her to get folks who are stuck and confused out of the weeds, back on the path and walking where they can confidently grow.  She is warm, welcoming, and personable with extraordinary listening skills and laser sharp questions.  And a great sense of humor!





Ready to move on

Done with surviving

Curious if there is more

This close to letting go

Tired of everyday malaise

At the end of your rope

Confused & frustrated

Traumatized & scared

Needing a creative solution



Molly sees the potential in everything, she sees the deep soul and buried abilities in someone.  She sees the good, and is truly confident and optimistic that I can do it.


Coaching BLOG


I believe 100% that you cannot elevate your life and transform your body-mind-soul without God.  I also believe that without Christ, you do not have the power of all available to you and you will repeatedly face battles in life you cannot conquer yourself. As someone...